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Request an animal-free zone

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation allows dogs and other animals in most spaces, if those animals are kept on a leash of six feet or less.

There are some areas of Philadelphia’s parks, playgrounds, and recreation centers where animals are not allowed. These areas are called animal-free zones.

No animals are allowed in Parks & Rec animal-free areas except service animals.

Common animal-free areas include:

  • Playgrounds.
  • Ball fields.
  • Lawn areas.
  • Spraygrounds.
  • Athletic courts.
  • Gardens.


Anyone can apply to make an area animal-free.

Where and when

To request an animal-free zone, you must fill out an online application.

Applications are regularly reviewed, but it takes about four weeks for a request to be approved or denied.


To request an animal-free zone in your neighborhood park or recreation center fill out this form.

Fill out the form