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Terminate a life partnership

Same-sex and same-gender couples can be officially recognized by the City of Philadelphia as life partners. Life partners have the same rights and benefits as opposite-sex married couples.

One or both members of a life partnership can choose to terminate the partnership. A life partnership automatically terminates when any member dies or enters into a marriage with another person.

If your relationship with your life partner ends, you must notify the City.


To notify the City that you have ended a life partnership, you must file a termination statement. You may also need to file a termination statement proof of service.

Joint termination statements

If both members of the life partnership sign a termination statement, the life partnership will be terminated effective 60 days from the filing date of the statement.

Individual termination statements

If only one life partner signs a termination statement, they must also file a termination statement of proof of service. The statement affirms that a copy of the individual termination statement was given to the other life partner in person, or by certified or registered mail.

The life partnership will be terminated effective 60 days from the date when the individual termination statement and statement proof of service are filed.


You can mail, fax, or deliver your application in person to the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations.

The Curtis Center
601 Walnut Street
Suite 300 South
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Fax: (215) 686-4684

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