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City of Philadelphia

RISE Services

Adult Education Classes

Education is a barrier for many people as they return to society from incarceration. Through a partnership with the Center for Literacy, RISE offers on-site GED (General Educational Development) classes for all levels of learners. The GED Program provides RISE participants an opportunity to improve their reading and writing skills while preparing for the GED exam.

TABE (Tests of Adult Basic Education) assessments are conducted prior to a participant enrolling in GED classes to determine the best fit for each person. Upon completing the TABE, an individual will be placed in an appropriate reading class and math class best suited to their needs, to help prepare them for their GED exam. If you need more information on the current GED test, visit

In addition, RISE promotes higher education through partnerships with colleges and universities within the city.

If you already have your GED or high school diploma, then you may be eligible to enroll in our four week Life Skills & Job Readiness course.  Once you have successfully completed this course, you will become eligible for the various vocational training programs RISE offers, such as forklift certification and culinary training.

Benefit Bank

What is the Benefit Bank?
The Benefit Bank is a web-based service that simplifies the process of applying for many state and federal benefits for low- and moderate-income individuals and families. The “one-stop-shop” concept of The Benefit Bank reduces the amount of time needed to apply for benefits.

How much does it cost?
The Benefit Bank is a free service. No one can be charged for using The Benefit Bank online service.

How can RISE help me apply for benefits?
RISE staff is trained to use The Benefit Bank in order to help participants determine what benefits they do and do not qualify for.

Case Management

The RISE Case Management Team is a dedicated group of social service professionals who are experienced in providing reintegration planning and case management to individuals with a history of incarceration or criminal justice involvement. Each RISE Case Manager is a Reentry Specialist who is motivated, enthusiastic, and committed to working with Philadelphia’s returning citizens in their efforts to become responsible community members.

Your RISE Case Manager is here to…

• Support your transition from incarceration back to society
• Provide direct support services based on an individualized service plan
• Connect and refer you to additional services and resources with our partners
• Provide you with ongoing personal and professional development support

Expungement Services

What is an expungement?
An expungement is the removal of non-conviction data from one’s criminal docket sheet.

What is non-conviction data?
Non-conviction data is any arrest that did not lead to a conviction. (i.e. charges that were dismissed, withdrawn, etc.)

Can an expungement remove a criminal conviction?
No, only a pardon can remove a criminal conviction.

How can RISE assist me with expungement services?
Individuals who are enrolled in the RISE program and actively attending classes, will be eligible to meet with Mike Lee, an attorney with The Philadelphia Lawyer’s for Social Equity (PLSE). Through the Criminal Record Expungement Project, Mr. Lee will then be able to offer legal advice as to whether or not a participant qualifies for Expungement Services. If he/she does qualify, expungement petitions will be drafted and a court date will be scheduled before a judge to determine whether or not data can be removed from one’s record. This service is offered only to active RISE participants who have non conviction data from the City of Philadelphia.

Find out more at Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity or call 215.995.1230

Fatherhood & Family Services

The Fatherhood Enrichment Program (FEP) offers an array of support services with an emphasis on:

  • Parenting and Healthy Relationships
  • Anger Management and Conflict Resolution
  • Job Readiness and Job Search Assistance, and much more!

The goal of the program is to assist fathers in supporting the well-being of their children, through education, training and personal development, with a focus on family strengthening.

For more information call us at 215-685-0771.

Get involved! Help us spread the word about fatherhood.

Job Readiness Training

The goal of the RISE Job Readiness Training (JRT) program is to provide returning citizens with the tools they need to become successful in the workplace.

Areas of focus include:

  • Conducting a successful job interview (i.e. answering questions about your criminal history, etc.)
  • Understanding and completing online job applications
  • Creating professional e-mail addresses
  • Creating/updating a résumé
  • Understanding employer expectations
  • Dressing for success and professional attire
  • Securing and maintaining employment

Life Skills

The Life Skills component of the RISE program aims to provide information, resources and strategies that can increase participant employability and general social stability through improved understanding of cognitive awareness, professionalism, and civic/family responsibility.  Life Skills/CPR is designed to serve as the first step in helping prepare the returning citizen for their transition back into the community. The curriculum enables participants to understand what is necessary to begin making responsible decisions. In addition, participants are encouraged to address the issues associated with the trauma of incarceration. Life Skills focuses on:

  • Improved Self Esteem/ Confidence
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Positive Relationships
  • Community Service
  • Community Involvement (i.e. registering to vote)
  • Financial Literacy:
    Through a partnership with Clarifi, RISE provides individuals with the tools needed to begin to understand the importance of financial awareness, credit counseling and budgeting. (

Vocational Training

Through vocational training and work experience opportunities, RISE works to discourage future involvement with the criminal justice system. RISE, along with its partners, has created a comprehensive approach to vocational training that includes programs that address both educational and workforce related needs.

Culinary Arts Training:
In partnership with PhilaBundance, RISE offers a vocational training program in culinary arts. This training grants participants the exposure to the fast paced food service industry through intensive training and skill building. Participants work hands on in a kitchen setting while also gaining knowledge in the classroom. Off-site internships are also afforded to those enrolled in the training and successful completions result in a ServSafe Certification.

Forklift Training
In partnership with Goodwill Industries of New Jersey and Philadelphia, RISE offers a forklift certification training. Participants partake in one day training, facilitated by a certified trainer ,based on guidelines provided by OSHA. The training covers safety rules and regulations pertaining to lift trucks, counter balance trucks, narrow aisle trucks and motorized hand trucks. Participants who successfully complete this training receive a Certificate and Forklift Operator Card. A Driver’s License is not required to take this training.