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1425 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA.
Give us call at 215-683-3370 or email us at
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Walk In Hours:
10:00am – 4:00pm - Monday
10:00am – 4:00pm - Tuesday
10:00am – 4:00pm - Wednesday
10:00am – 4:00pm - Thursday
10:00am – 4:00pm - Friday

What is RISE?

RISE provides supportive services to individuals who have been previously convicted, sentenced and incarcerated. Through direct service and agency partnerships, RISE offers case management support, anger management and "Thinking for a Change" workshops, referrals for substance & behavioral health challenges; educational services; vocational training; computer literacy and job search assistance.

What are the eligibility requirements to participate in RISE programming?

  • Released from incarceration (federal, state or local) within the past 5 
    years and/or currently on probation/parole
  • Philadelphia resident (with proof of residency)
  • Not convicted of a sex offense or arsonrelated charge

How can I register for RISE?

Two ways:
  • Sign up for our program using our online registration form 
  • Visit us during our walk-in hours (Mon-Fri, 10AM-4PM) and sit down with a case manager to see if you're eligible for the program. You do not need an appointment.

If I have an open case am I eligible for the program?

No. RISE cannot provide services to you until your case has been finalized.

If I am on probation, parole or in a halfway house can I participate in the RISE program?

Yes; RISE works closely with the Department of Corrections, Adult Probation & Parole Department, State Parole, Federal Probation as well as federal halfway houses.

Is there a cost for RISE services?

No. RISE services are provided free of charge by the City of Philadelphia.

How long is the program?

RISE offers a variety of services and depending on the need of the participant; the program can last up to twelve months.

I do not have transportation to get to and from RISE, can you assist me?

When enrolled in RISE training classes, tokens may be provided to ensure you are able to attend daily.

Am I eligible if I am on house arrest, in a halfway house or on work release?

RISE works closely with the Department of Corrections and Adult Probation & Parole. Ask your case worker or probation/parole officer to contact us at (215)-683-3370 in order to set up an appointment to come in.

I have experienced difficulty obtaining employment because of my criminal record. How can RISE help me?

RISE provides employment services to those enrolled in our program. These services include Job Readiness Training (FT), Computer Literacy Training, and Vocational Training.

Can RISE get me a job?

RISE is not an employment agency. However, through the workforce development staff, RISE works to connect returning citizens to sustainable jobs through our network of employers. Those that are enrolled in the RISE program and complying with all guidelines and recommendations are assisted with job placement and retention services. We cannot guarantee that you will get a job.

If I live outside of Philadelphia, can I attend the program?

No, you must be a resident of Philadelphia with proof of your address to enroll in the RISE program.