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City of Philadelphia

Mayor's Office of Reintegration Services

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RISE Services

The Mayor’s Office of Reintegration Services (RISE) works closely with enrolled participants to develop individualized plans focused on successful and permanent reintegration and long-term self sustainability. Services provided include case management, courses in life skills and job readiness, linkages to various wrap around supports, and employment assistance.

Social Services

As the City of Philadelphia’s ‘First Stop’ reentry agency, RISE works closely with local, regional and national organizations to provide needed and impactful services to aid in alleviating the barriers and pitfalls associated with returning home from incarceration.

Employer Services

Employment is paramount to a successful and permanent transition from incarceration. RISE works closely with an ever growing community of employers who understand the challenges associated with obtaining and maintaining employment post incarceration. Through hallmark strategies - in collaboration with other City agencies - RISE looks to ensure local employers a pipeline of talented men and women who are excited to extend their passions, skill sets, and loyalty.

About Us

The Mayor's Office of Reintegration Services (RISE), through direct services,
partnerships, and collaborations assist returning citizens to develop and
achieve permanent​ reentry solutions.

If you are a returning citizen, RISE has a variety of services to meet your
very specific and individualized needs. We understand that everyone’s
experience has been different and will continue to be different. We want to
help you in the current space that you are in and then beyond - we want to
ensure that you NEVER return to prison. Getting back on your feet is the
first step - but planning for the future, establishing yourself as a positive
force in your community, and working toward self-sustainability is ultimately
the road traveled to ensure that your FREEDOM​ ​IS​ ​HERE​ ​TO​ ​STAY​!

Let us help you!

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