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Please read Mayor Nutter's quarterly update on the Recovery Act and its impact in the City of Philadelphia. Eleventh Quarterly Update
Pie Chart
Recovery Act dollars are invested across five categories: Growing Philadelphia’s Economy & Workforce, Improving Public Safety, Serving the Most Vulnerable, Creating a Sustainable Philadelphia, and Improving Transportation & Infrastructure. The City of Philadelphia has been awarded 50 grants totaling $351 million in Recovery Act dollars. Of that total amount, the City is responsible for managing and reporting on $276.1 million, while quasi-City agencies manage and report on the remaining $75 million. The chart at left highlights the distribution of the funds. View Pie Chart
Mapping Philadelphia Recovery
Mapping Out Philadelphia’s Recovery is Just a Click Away
This map provides an overview of data reported by prime and sub-recipients of Recovery Act funds, for all of Philadelphia County, not just the City of Philadelphia, as of December 31, 2011. The amounts are cumulative from Feb. 17, 2009; the jobs are for the latest reporting quarter only. VIEW MAP WIDGET »

The City has taken a new approach to its signage for Recovery Act-funded projects. New signage will be featured at various locations across Philadelphia, highlighting new projects that will benefit Philadelphians. Click here to find out more about the story behind the new signs’ layout..


With the new Flickr site for the City’s Recovery Office, you can see for yourself! The site features photos of projects and people across Philadelphia who have benefitted from Recovery Act dollars. However, these pictures are just a small sampling of the Act's impact across the city.
Have you seen a Recovery project near you? Snap a photo and share it with us--email photos to and show us what Recovery looks like in your neighborhood! View Recovery photos.

Recovery Grants and Projects
  • Growing Economy & Workforce
  • Sustainable Philadelphia
  • Serving the Most Vulnerable
  • Improving Public Safety
  • Improving Transportation
Economy & Workforce
Grants awarded in this category help stimulate neighborhood business development, rejuvenating neighborhoods and preventing blight, creating “green” jobs, jobs for adults and youth, and providing low-income Philadelphians with the opportunity to access computers and the Internet.
Sustainable Philadelphia
Grants awarded for this category invest in a more sustainable future for Philadelphia, including the installation of a number of energy-efficient products: solar panels at a Philadelphia Water Department facility, LED traffic signal replacements, new bike racks and additional BigBelly Solar Compactors ...
Serving the Most Vulnerable
Grants awarded for this category span a range of assistance and preventative measures to help those deeply affected by the recession, including homeless prevention, rapid re-housing, job-training for people aged 55+, self-sufficiency for low-income residents, chronic disease prevention and wellness ...
Improving Public Safety
Grants awarded for this category fund improvements to public safety, such as training for an additional 50 police officers, over 50 Courts staff, education, training and job placement for ex-offenders, and crime prevention resources for police.
Improving Transportation
Grants awarded for this category invest in a range of key infrastructures essential to Philadelphia, including streets repaving across the City, runway rehabilitation and baggage screening improvement at Philadelphia International Airport, sewer system replacement ...