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The ARRA requires recipients of Recovery Act funds not only to report in real time how Recovery Act funds are being spent, but to implement controls to prevent misuse – either fraudulent or unintentional – of these funds.  Agency and department heads bear the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that this occurs, but also rely on application managers and project managers in their departments in the first instance.

To help City officials fight fraud, waste and misuse of funds, Chief Integrity Officer Joan Markman and Inspector General Amy Kurland invited Senior Special Agent Ken Dieffenbach of the United States Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General to speak to over 75 agency and department executives and managers on June 15, 2009.  Special Agent Dieffenbach, who is also a Certified Fraud Examiner, has conducted scores of federal investigations into suspected grant fraud. His lively and informative presentation, lasting approximately an hour, can be seen here . Special Agent Dieffenbach also handed out a two page summary of information contained in his presentation, which can be viewed here.

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