Viral Hepatitis Program

Reducing the impact of hepatitis infections through prevention, education, coordination, and monitoring.


The most common types of viral hepatitis infections are hepatitis A, B, and C. Hepatitis A is usually a short-term infection, but B and C can become chronic, lifelong infections. All three are preventable and treatable.

About five percent of Philadelphia residents have a past or current hepatitis A, B, or C infection. Many people are unaware of their infection.

The Viral Hepatitis Program works to prevent and address hepatitis B and C by:

  • Measuring their incidence and prevalence in Philadelphia.
  • Working with the medical community to improve reporting, clinical, and prevention activities.
  • Promoting best practices for people who have hepatitis A, B, or C to get tested, linked to care, kept in care, treated, and cured.
  • Coordinating case management to reduce and address transmission from mothers to babies.


1101 Market St.
12th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Health care providers and laboratories can report a case of hepatitis B or C by calling (215) 685-4513 or faxing (215) 238-6947.