Truancy Intervention and Prevention Services (TIPS)

Helping youth improve school attendance to avoid trouble with law enforcement.


If your child is truant or habitually truant, Truancy Intervention and Prevention Services (TIPS) can help improve your child's attendance at school. TIPS helps figure out why a child is missing school, and then helps families improve behavior and get their child to school. This helps keep the child out of court.


Process and eligibility

According to Pennsylvania law, a child is truant if they have three or more unexcused absences during one year. A child is "habitually truant" if they have six or more unexcused absences in one school year.

TIPS helps families get kids in school consistently and on time. A good attendance record helps a family avoid formal involvement with child welfare.

TIPS works with the School District of Philadelphia, Family Court, and community-based agencies (CUAs) to help families:

  • Figure out why their kids are missing school.
  • Access resources to help kids make it to school.
  • Maintain regular school attendance and avoid getting the courts involved.

Families, schools, the court system, or the police department can all refer youth to TIPS.