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Philly Counts

Complete Count Committee

About the Committee

The Complete Count Committee guides and supports the efforts of Philly Counts 2020. Chaired by Mayor Kenney, this group represents many of Philadelphia’s special interest communities and hard-to-count populations. Its members make recommendations to help the count reach every community, including:

  • Suggestions for outreach methods and activities.
  • Support for filling census jobs with people from each hard-to-count community.
  • Ideas for financial and community support.

Hard-to-count areas are a particular focus of the committee. In these places, people may not have access to the internet. They might also be unaccustomed to interacting with their government. The committee’s goal is a census count that includes all Philadelphians and is truly representative of the City.


  • Aging
  • African American
  • African & Caribbean
  • Asian American
  • Census Jobs
  • Civic Engagement
  • Corporations and Philanthropy
  • Children & Youth
  • Higher Education
  • Homeless & Public Housing
  • Immigrant & Limited English Proficient
  • Interfaith
  • Labor
  • Latino
  • LGBTQ+
  • Municipal Departments
  • Neighborhood Business
  • Nonprofit, Community & Civic
  • People with Disabilities