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Keystone Innovation Zones

Process and eligibility

Keystone Innovation Zone incentives are available in three areas of the city. Each area focuses on specific business sectors. Only businesses in these industries can apply for incentives.

Process and eligibility

To qualify for a KIZ tax credit, your organization must be:

  • A for-profit business.
  • In operation for less than eight years.
  • Innovating in life sciences or technology.
  • Commercializing new technologies, innovative products, or processes.
  • Working within specific life sciences or technology sectors.
  • Located within one of Philadelphia’s three Keystone Innovation Zones.

To begin receiving the tax credit, the business must first be operational within a KIZ for two years.


KIZ tax credits can be up to $100,000. Credits are calculated as half the previous year’s increase in gross revenue.

Ex. (2014 gross – 2013 gross) /2 = 2015 tax credit
($200,000 – $150,000) /2 = $25,000

A KIZ company may claim a tax credit for increases in gross revenues. This credit must be used during the same taxable year the credit was approved. For companies with no tax liability, the credits can be sold for a market rate return. The market rate return has ranged from $.0.80 to $0.90 on the dollar.

BioLaunch 611+ focus areas

  • Life sciences
  • Information technology
  • Advanced manufacturing related to oncology, cardiovascular health, diabetes, and aging

  • Energy
  • Nanotechnology
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Communications
  • Information technology
  • Homeland security
  • Life sciences


University City focus areas

  • Life sciences
  • Information technology
  • Nanotechnology