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Rules and regulations

There are many rules and regulations that govern the ethical behavior of City of Philadelphia elected officers and employees. Some are applicable to officers and employees who work in all branches of government. Others are applicable only to the Mayor, executive branch employees, and members of boards and commissions that report directly to the Mayor. Still others may be created by, and applicable to, employees in a specific department, office, or agency.

These summaries offer a brief introduction to the pertinent ethics rules and regulations. Links are provided to enable a thorough review of the provisions. Questions about their relevance to specific factual situations should be directed to the appropriate office.

Pennsylvania Public Official and Employee Ethics Act (“State Ethics Act”)

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Philadelphia Home Rule Charter ("City Charter") Article 10

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The Philadelphia Code: City Ethics Code

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The Philadelphia Code: Non-Competitively Bid Contracts; Financial Assistance

Chapter 17-1400 of the City Code applies to professional services contractors, recipients of financial assistance, or principal contractors or subcontractors for best value contracts, with limited exceptions.

Known as the City’s “Pay to Play” Law, this law enhances the integrity and transparency of the City’s contracting processes by eliminating the real and perceived favoritism in the awards of City’s professional services contracts and financial assistance. Requires eligibility restrictions, attribution rule, and mandatory disclosure requirements.

Mayor’s Executive Orders

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