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Integrity Works


The State of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia have a number of rules that govern the conduct of City of Philadelphia officers and employees. This site outlines ethics-related issues you may face and links to relevant resources.

The Philadelphia Ethics Code—comprised of provisions in the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter and the Philadelphia Code—applies to all employees who work for Philadelphia government, including the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch (City Council), and the offices of the District Attorney, City Controller, Sheriff, and City Commissioners. Executive Orders apply only to employees who work for the Mayor of Philadelphia. City employees may also be subject to ethics restrictions in the State of Pennsylvania’s Public Official and Employee Ethics Act and their own departments.

These ethics laws can be complex and, at times, difficult to comprehend. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about these issues, please reach out to the Office of the Chief Integrity Officer. Our office can provide informal guidance, coordinate trainings to educate and inform the City’s workforce, and, where appropriate, refer you to other offices.