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Chestnut Walnut Repaving and Complete Streets Safety Project

A Complete Streets project

Chestnut Walnut traffic safety project timeline


February 2021

The project team collects and analyzes existing conditions and street use data.

March 2021

The project team talks to community groups and business owners about Chestnut and Walnut streets. We'll coordinate closely with business owners on parking and loading needs.

June 2021

Neighbors and business owners participate in public surveys and offer input on how the streets could be safer. Afterward, the project team follows up to review the results and discuss next steps.

August 2021

The project team shares concept design plans. The public can review and comment on the plans at meetings and on the project webpage.

October 2021

The project's initial engagement phase is completed.

November 2021

City Council legislation is introduced for the Chestnut Street project.

December 2021

The Department of Streets develops engineering plans for the 2022 repaving.


Spring 2022

Construction begins on the repaving and complete street safety project.