Advancing clean and efficient energy is a priority for the City of Philadelphia. Vision 3 of the recently released Greenworks: A Vision for a Sustainable Philadelphia focuses toward a future where all Philadelphians efficiently use clean energy that they can afford. To further that vision, the City of Philadelphia in partnership with the Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) released a Request for Information (RFI) regarding project structures that would make renewable energy development projects feasible for the City. Interested parties are invited to respond with information regarding projects developed with similarly sized governments or institutions utilizing the many renewable energy project arrangements that currently exist in the marketplace. Examples of the types of projects the PEA and the City are seeking to understand further include (but are not limited to): solar power on City facilities, off-site renewable power purchase agreements, and other alternative technology applications. The PEA and the City are looking for information on renewable energy project options applicable to the City or a Pennsylvania Authority to inform the development of a potential Request for Proposals.


A complete copy of the Renewable Energy RFI can be found here: