Blog by Krishna Rami, Public Engagement Analyst

Millennials: This demographic group represents the next generation of residents who will live, work, play, and, one day, lead Philadelphia.

Demographers usually define Millennials as being born in the 1980s and 1990s.

The growth of Philly’s young adult population continues to climb, making the Millennials the largest generational group in the city. In other words, Millennials will be influencing and leading our city for the next 30 to 40 years.

Including this generation in our work to create a more efficient and effective government for every neighborhood is integral to Mayor Jim Kenney’s vision. With that in mind, the Mayor’s Office of Public Engagement is now recruiting members for the Millennial Advisory Committee or MAC.

Young people seated in a fashionable office while the Mayor speaks.
Mayor Kenney speaks to employees at RevZilla, a local startup headquartered in the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

This committee of Philadelphians in their 20s and 30s will expand and build on the original Millennial Recruitment Advisory Board, founded by the Managing Director’s Office in September 2015 with the purpose of attracting and maintaining emerging talent in government.

More specifically, the MAC will:

  • Advise the City on policies, programs, and actions affecting Millennials
  • Help develop initiatives focused on attracting and keeping Millennial residents
  • Connect this generation to engagement opportunities with the larger community
  • Create a mentorship model to help engage those new or returning to citizenship

We’re hoping to recruit technologists, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, policy-makers, community organizers, activists, and public and private sector influencers from all fields who live in Philadelphia and are between the ages of 23 and 34 years old.

Those serving on the committee will meet once a month for an hour and a half in the evening at rotating venues across Philadelphia. A term on the MAC lasts one year.

We’re hoping that this diverse group of leaders will work to further Mayor Jim Kenney’s work of building an effective and efficient government that works for all Philadelphians.

If you’re interested in serving your community and adding your voice to the discussion, please fill out this survey signaling your interest in serving on the MAC! The deadline for submitting applications is September 15th so don’t delay! We will select 20 people to serve on this volunteer committee.