Three City departments have released seven new and two refreshed datasets. This batch release includes the locations throughout the city of outdoor advertising billboards and green stormwater projects. This post also includes a few datasets from the Police Department that they released at the end of April. Links to the metadata, which describes the datasets and provides descriptions of the fields included, appear after the links to the datasets themselves.

Released Data at a Glance:

Below are summaries for each dataset, broken down by City department.

License and Inspections (L&I)

L&I released the location of billboards throughout the city, which shows the locations of outdoor advertising. This information can assist companies in planning where they may place future ads within legal bounds. The billboard information can also be very useful to the public for analysis given that the Highway Beautification Act requires billboards not be within 500 feet of each other on the highways.

The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD)

Green City, Clean Waters is Philadelphia’s 25-year plan to protect and enhance our watersheds by managing stormwater with green infrastructure. The datasets below represents Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) locations in Philadelphia, which includes private (residential) and PWD-initiated GSI projects. PWD has revised the way that designed and constructed green stormwater infrastructure projects are mapped in Philadelphia. Now the public can learn about stormwater management projects in their community, including those initiated by PWD on public land and streets, and sites built on private properties.

Newly released datasets include:

  • Green Stormwater Infrastructure, Public Projects on Streets – Line geometric features representing planned and complete Green Stormwater Infrastructure.
  • Watershed Public Projects Point – Point geometric features representing planned and complete Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI).
  • Watersheds Private Projects Retrofit – Point geometric features representing stormwater Retrofit Projects.
  • Watershed Private Projects Regs – Point geometric features representing land development projects meeting PWD’s Stormwater Regulations.

PWD also refreshed their dataset on Stormwater Grants disbursed, which reflects the recipients of awards, award amounts, and project sites for grant money disbursed by PWD for the Stormwater Management Incentive Program, Soak It Up!, the Green Acre Program, and Business Incentive Program. These grants are funded by the Water Department but managed by separate agencies. See the metadata here for more information.

The Philadelphia Police Department (PPD)

On April 22, 2016, representatives from the Police Department joined the Open Data team at a White House event on the Police Data Initiative. For this event, the PPD released two new datasets, Vehicle and Pedestrian Investigations (2014 to the present) and Shooting victims (2015 to the present), which includes officer-involved shootings. PPD also refreshed crime incidents by consolidating Part 1 and Part 2 crimes into one dataset, showing incidents from 2006 to the present.

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Photo Caption: A pipe used for stormwater management. Photo from Chesapeake Bay Program,, CC BY-NC 2.0.