OHR | Administrative Board

Administrative Board

The Administrative Board consists of the Mayor, Managing Director, and Finance Director.

The Administrative Board reviews all changes to job class specifications and Civil Service regulations which have been approved by the Civil Service Commission.

 Rule No.  Subject
1 Limits Above Which Requisitions for Purchases Shall be Approved by Director of Finance
2 Rules Governing Expenses for Which Officers and Employees May Be Reimbursed
3 Non-Civil Service Employees Health and Welfare Program
4 Waiving of License and Permit Fees for City Agencies
5 Responsibility for Specifications in Major Construction and Engineering Contracts
6 Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for City of Philadelphia Employees?
7 Purchase of Vehicles-Administrative Board Jurisdiction
8 Retention and Disposal of Records
9 Rescinded
10 Approval of Civil Service Regulations
11 Non-Civil Service Employees-Vacation Leave and Allowances
11-1 Public Health Emergency Compensation
12 Rescinded
13 Vending Machines
14 Rescinded
15 Compensation to Casual Professional Employees
16 Purchase of Passenger Vehicles
17 Rescinded
18 Reimbursement of Moving and Travel Expenses
19 Rescinded
20 Rescinded
21 Rescinded
22 Civil Actions by City Employees
23 Rescinded
24 Application for Grants Review Process
25 Rescinded
26 Recognized Holidays
27 Rescinded
28 Rescinded
29 Rescinded
30 Rescinded
31 Rescinded
32 Rescinded
33 Rescinded
34 Rescinded
35 Rescinded
36 Rescinded
37 Transfer of the Central Intake Section from the Office of Community Development to the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation
38 Transfer of Home Improvement Program from the Office of Community Development to the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation
39 Rescinded
40 Rescinded
41 Rescinded
42 Rescinded
43 City of Philadelphia Office of the City Controller Proposed Procedures for Adjudicating Residency Investigations on Civil Service Employees Investigated by the City Controller's Office
44 Extension of Residency Requirement for Exempt Employees
45 Temporary Waiver of Residency Requirement for Exempt Employees in Extraordinary Circumstances
46 Regulations Pertaining to the Authorized Use of City Vehicles
47 Domestic Partnerships
48 Reinstatement Following Retirement of DROP Participants
49 Extraordinary DROP Extensions
50 Non Civil Service Employees Payment Agreement and Payroll Deduction Required For Employment
51 Unemployment Compensation for Non-Covered Employees
52 Waivers of Minimum Wage and Benefit Requirements of Chapter 17-1300 of the Philadelphia Code
53 Methods of Payment – Mandatory Direct Deposit/Electronic Payment Mechanism,
54 Rescinded

"This version is current as of March 18, 2020"