Fleet Management

On April 6, 1993, then Mayor Edward G. Rendell signed Executive Order 5-93, Office of Fleet Management (OFM), thus establishing the Office of Fleet Management.   Implementation of the recommendations of Mayor's Task Force on the management of the city fleet and productivity through centralizing management and accountability for the fleet activities, the office shall be responsible for the planning, developing and implementing procedures to provide safe and reliable equipment in compliance with all applicable Federal, state and city laws and regulations.

The OFM had to develop and establish policies and procedures for the accumulation and access of all fleet data, records, inventories and repair facilities and other information that might be required of the City-owned vehicles.  It has also developed and maintains the fuel consumption controls through the use of and computerized fuel dispensing system.

The Office of Fleet Management launched an application to centralize the processing, tracking and monitoring of all City Fleet vehicles through electronic records.  The Fleet Accounting Computerized Tracking System or FACTS in the origins of Fleet has been upgraded to Fleet Vehicle Inventory Control System or FVICS still provides a centralized ability to track vehicles and repairs throughout City Departments and within OFM’s repair facilities. The new System FVICS is now an in - house application once again saving money on up keep and maintenance.

To facilitate organizing and tracking vehicles and equipment electronically, the development of new standard procedures for entering and maintaining vehicle records was required.  These procedures assist management in ensuring that all fleet vehicle and equipment are maintained and operated at maximum capacity while simultaneously monitoring and helping to minimize costs to the City.

That same year, Fleet Managment established a centralized public auction for unsafe, obsolete and unused vehicles.These vehicles sold at auction have recuoped monies back into the General Fund. The City ceased its live vehicle auctions and now sells off relinquished equipment and vehicles through the MuniciBid website. Please visit the MuniciBId website for auction listings.


                               Airport Runway Snow Blower
vehicleb Compactor    
  vehiclec U. S. S. Independence, Fire Marine Fast Response Unit