Fuel Management

The Office of Fleet Management currently tracks fuel usage and a wide variety of other vehicle - related data through the automated fuel system know as FUMES or vehicle information system known as FVICS. Both of these are acronyms for Fuel Utilization and Management of Enviromental Systems and the Fleet Vehicle Inventory Control System. Fumes is a computer - controlled self service vehicle fueling system integrated with the City's underground storage tank infrastructure.

Fleet Management is resopnsible for tracking fuel usage for over 6,000 vehicles in addition to vehicles belonging to the School District of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Housing Authority, and the Philadelphia Parking Authority. This responsibility also includes the management of over 100 underground fuel storage tanks at its 64 fuel sites, or what amounts to managing and operating 64 independent gas stations. A dozen of these sites are as large a commerical establishments found throughout the city.

Fleet Management is on the leading edge of new technology in managing its fuel infrastructure. City, state and federal regulations governing the storage and issuance of petroleum products create mandatory informational requirements. Enviromental issues and public safety are the driving forces for these informational requirements.

The tools which Fleet Managment utilizes to meet these informational requirements are FUMES and the Veedor Root UST monitoring system. FUMES monitors fuel usage and consumption, while Veedor Root monitors inground and above ground storage tanks.

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