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Welcome to Fleet Management

The Office of Fleet Management (OFM) is a centralized agency responsible for strategic planning, acquisition and maintenance of vehicles and large equipment to support City Wide functions. OFM is responsible for the acquisition, assignment and maintenance of approximately 6316 vehicles and equipment at the lowest long-term cost to Philadelphia taxpayers

Since its inception, OFM has reduced vehicle downtime from 35% to approximately 9%. The fleet is diverse which includes ambulances, trash compactors, police cruisers, highway paving equipment, riding mowers, motorcycles, passenger and cargo vans, SUV's, jeeps, buses, and sedans.

Fleet Management maintains vehicles for 43 departments, operates 16 repair and maintenance facilities located throughout Philadelphia and 64 fuel sites city-wide.

Another of Fleet Management responsibilities is maintaining all Emergency Operations and safety vehicles, including snow removal equipment, Fire pumpers and ladders, Police cruiser, and all equipment used at both Philadelphia airports to ensure runway availability at all times.













Fleet maintains 63 fuel sites through out the city.

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