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City of Philadelphia
Board of Ethics
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Many City officials and employees and the members of City boards and commissions are required to file one or more annual financial disclosure forms by May 1st. These forms are the City Form (required by the City Ethics Code), the Mayor’s Form (required by an executive order), and the State Form (required by the State Ethics Act). The financial disclosure requirements serve as a check on whether or not those in City government might have financial interests that would affect their official duties.
On-Line Financial Disclosure System: Use the secure Online Financial Disclosure System to prepare all financial disclosure forms. The system permits totally electronic filing. You may “sign” your forms with an electronic signature, so--after completing the forms on line--when you click on the “Submit Statement(s)” button, you have completed the filing option, and do not need to download and deliver a paper form to the Records Department. If you prefer to file a paper form, you may still do so, by entering data online and printing out the form. If you opt to file on paper, YOU MUST PRINT, SIGN, AND FILE A PAPER COPY of each form at the Records Department, Room 156, City Hall by 5:00 on May 1st to satisfy your filing obligation.



Please be advised that statements of financial interest filed by City of Philadelphia officials and employees are available for public inspection and copying in the Records Department and may be posted online. If you are concerned that disclosure of information submitted would be reasonably likely to pose a specific threat to your personal security or the personal security of an individual named on your form, please submit specific details regarding your concern to:

City Form and Instructions

Mayor Form and Instructions

State Form and Instructions