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How to file or view lobbying reports, which provide information about money spent to influence City government.

About the lobbying law

The Board of Ethics administers and enforces the City’s Lobbying Law. The Lobbying Law includes Chapter 20-1200 of the Philadelphia Code and Regulation 9. It ensures disclosure of lobbying activity by those spending money to influence City government.

Lobbying is an effort to influence legislative or administrative action by:

  • Direct communications.
  • Indirect communications.
  • Providing any gift, hospitality, transportation or lodging to a City official or employee to advance the interest of a principal, lobbyist, or lobbying firm.

For more information about Philadelphia’s lobbying law, download the frequently asked questions.

Information for lobbyists, lobbying firms, and principals

To learn more about your obligations under the Lobbying Law, download the lobbying guide for principals, lobbyists, and lobbying firms.

To register as a lobbyist or file a report, visit the Philadelphia Lobbying Information System (PLIS).

Viewing lobbying information

To search for registered lobbyists or view public expense reports, visit the Philadelphia Lobbying Information System (PLIS).