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City of Philadelphia

Campaign Finance

Starting Your Campaign

  Overview of the steps to start a campaign for City elective office. 

Search Campaign Finance Information

  Click here to search a database of Philadelphia campaign finance transactions. 

File Campaign Finance Information

  Click here to file campaign finance reports. Reports can be filed simultaneously
  with both the Board of Ethics and the Office of the City Commissioners. 

About the Campaign Finance Law

Philadelphia’s Campaign Finance Law applies to candidates for City elective office, those who contribute to such candidates, and to other persons who make expenditures to influence City elections. City elective office is limited to: Mayor, District Attorney, City Controller, City Council, Sheriff, and City Commissioner. The Law has three main components: (1) contribution limits; (2) the requirement to electronically file campaign finance reports; and (3) rules regarding how candidates use political committees and bank accounts for their campaigns. The Board of Ethics is charged with administering, interpreting, and enforcing the Campaign Finance Law.