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Water settlement (payoff) request form

Title companies or individuals can use this form to request information about outstanding water balances and liens, water code enforcement judgments, agency repair bill balances and liens, and HELP loan balances.

Please note the following important information:

  • Make your request at least 30 days before a property settlement.
  • Use separate forms for each address or account number.
  • If you need an updated payoff figure, send the completed form you received back with your request.
  • Contact the Philadelphia Water Department at (215) 685-3000 if there is no water meter at the property.

Completed forms should be submitted by email to

For questions about your water bill, water meter, or other Philadelphia Water Department issues, please call (215) 685-6300 or send an email to

Name Description Released Format
Water payoff request form PDF Use this form when requesting water payoff information related to the settlement of judgments and liens. July 18, 2018