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Resources for researchers

If you’re interested in doing research related to the Department of Human Services (DHS), you’ll need to work with the External Research Committee (ERC).

Name Description Released Format
ERC Guide PDF This document provides guidance for external researchers on the process for submitting a study proposal to conduct research with DHS. Successful applicants should justify how they plan to partner with DHS to produce concrete deliverables that support the following goals: More children and youth maintained safely in their own homes and communities; more children and youth achieving timely reunification or other permanence; reduction in the use of congregate care; and improved child, youth, and family functioning. January 30, 2019
ERC Study Application PDF This document outlines the materials that must be submitted by external researchers seeking to conduct studies using DHS data. The applicant must provide their contact information, required components for the study proposal, and appendices as relevant. December 19, 2022
ERC Frequently Asked Questions PDF This document contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and responses to help guide external researchers through the process of obtaining all necessary approvals needed to conduct studies using DHS data. December 19, 2022