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PGW Diversification Study resources

These documents include draft materials, resources, and the final report for the Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) Diversification Study. The Office of Sustainability launched this study to better understand how PGW can provide services in a lower-carbon future while thriving financially and retaining its 1,600-person workforce.

Name Description Released Format
PGW Business Diversification Study PDF The completed study document, which includes options to decarbonize gas end-uses, evaluations of decarbonization scenarios, diversification strategies, and recommendations for pilot programs and additional research. December 09, 2021
PGW Diversification Study – draft materials PDF Draft materials for the PGW Business Diversification Study April 30, 2021
PGW study town hall transcript – May 11, 2021 PDF Transcript of a virtual town hall about the PGW Diversification Study, held on May 11, 2021 May 20, 2021
PGW study – written testimony PDF Testimony submitted by members of the public regarding draft materials for the PGW business diversification study July 29, 2021