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Developing a strategy for uses of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway

These documents include the report, “Developing a Strategy for Appropriate Uses of the Ben Franklin Parkway” and its accompanying appendix.

The Parkway Council Foundation and the Managing Director’s Office of the City of Philadelphia initiated this study as a collaborative effort to reflect on the historical use of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway as a venue for major events and to consider models for appropriate decision-making on uses of the Parkway.

Name Description Released Format
Parkway Study Final Report April 2018 PDF This is the report of the study intended to provide context for decision-making on special event uses of the Parkway. Recommendations emerging from this study are in response to the experience of visitors to the Parkway and residents and institutions on and adjacent to the Parkway. May 2, 2018
Parkway Study Final Report April 2018 Appendix PDF This appendix includes supporting documents to the report, including feedback from residents and survey responses and other data. May 2, 2018