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Opioid guidance for clinicians

The City has created a number of resources that healthcare providers can use when considering prescribing opioids.

The Department of Public Health has also been working with public and private health insurers to establish safer opioid prescribing policies and policies that improve access to medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD).

See the resources below and visit these pages to learn how to prescribe and dispense buprenorphine and naloxone:

Name Description Released Format
Opioid Guidelines PDF Department of Public Health guidelines to help surgeons and other physicians manage patient expectations, maximize the use of nonopioid pain treatments, and limit the duration of opioid use. December 19, 2018
Opioid Guidelines (Background for Surgeons) PDF Background data supporting the Department of Public Health’s guidelines for the prescription of opioids. December 19, 2018
Opioid Prescribing Guidelines PDF This flyer outlines the Department of Public Health's opioid prescribing guidelines for health care providers who are considering prescribing opioids. July 27, 2018
Opioid Prescribing Guidelines for OB/GYNs PDF These guidelines, which are based on studies of analgesic needs post-operatively, attempt to balance the benefits and risks of opioids. June 12, 2020
Opioid Prescribing Guidelines for OB/GYNs (expanded version) PDF This document explains in detail the opioid prescribing recommendations for OB/GYNs. June 12, 2020
Opioid Tapering Guidelines PDF Department of Public Health guidelines written for health care providers to help people taper off opioids. July 27, 2018
Managing Pain After Surgery PDF This patient information flyer includes tips for managing pain after surgery, including many ways your health care team can help manage your pain without prescribing opioids. July 9, 2019
Managing Chronic Pain PDF This patient information flyer includes tips for managing chronic pain, including the use of non-opioid pain medications and non-medication treatments February 24, 2021
Naloxone Available Here Sign PDF All retail pharmacies in Philadelphia are required to display a sign issued by the Department of Public Health indicating that naloxone is available there. February 27, 2019