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Labor Union Agreements: Workforce Vaccination Mandate

The City of Philadelphia continues to work to implement its workforce vaccine mandate previously announced in November 2021. While the City issued a vaccination mandate for all employees—those represented by unions and those unrepresented (exempt)—it is important to understand that legally the City must negotiate the impact of this new requirement with its labor union partners: the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), AFSCME District Council 33 (DC 33), AFSCME District Council 47 (DC 47), and Local 22 (Firefighters) before it officially goes into effect for employees represented by those unions.

Name Description Released Format
DC 33 Vaccine Mandate Award PDF January 4, 2022
DC 47 Vaccine Mandate Award PDF January 14, 2022
FOP Lodge 5 Vaccine Mandate Award PDF February 1, 2022
FOP Lodge 5 Vaccine Mandate Award – February 28, 2022 PDF February 28, 2022
FOP Lodge 5 Final Vaccine Mandate Award PDF April 26, 2022
IAFF Local 22 Vaccine Mandate Award PDF May 26, 2022