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Infectious waste handling application and regulations

The Department of Public Health monitors the handling of all infectious waste at public establishments in Philadelphia.

The department also records the infectious waste storage and disposal plans of all health care facilities in Philadelphia, including:

  • Hospitals.
  • Clinics.
  • Private practices.
  • Blood banks.
  • Laboratories.
  • Other medical institutions.

All public establishments and health care facilities in Philadelphia must have a plan for disposing of infectious waste.

Name Description Released Format
Infectious waste regulations for health care facilities PDF Regulations for how health care facilities must handle infectious waste. October 4, 2018
Application to handle infectious waste at health care facilities PDF Application for a health care facility to handle infectious waste. October 4, 2018
Sample letter to health care facility about infectious waste PDF A sample of a letter that the Department of Public Health would send to a health care facility to notify them to comply. October 5, 2022