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Dry cleaning regulations

On September 4, 2007, the Air Pollution Control Board (APCB) directed the Department of Public Health to draft a regulation to govern the use of Perchloroethylene (Perc) by dry cleaning facilities.

On June 24, 2010, the APCB voted and passed the proposed Air Management Regulation XIV – Control of Perchloroethylene from Dry Cleaning Facilities (AMR XIV), which became effective on December 13, 2010.

AMR XIV aims to minimize Perc exposure for individuals who live or work next to dry cleaning establishments, reduce the amount of Perc entering the environment, and prohibit the use of potentially more toxic/hazardous dry cleaning solvents in place of Perc.

Name Description Released Format
AMR XIV: Control of Emissions from Dry Cleaning Facilities PDF December 3, 2010
AMR XIV: Overview PDF December 13, 2010
AMR XIV: Timeline PDF February 9, 2012
Dry cleaning background document PDF November 18, 2013