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Citizen Police Oversight Commission: Commissioner Volunteer Application

The Citizens Police Oversight Commission (CPOC) is an oversight agency designed to ensure the just, transparent, and efficient administration of criminal justice in Philadelphia through fair and timely investigation into and monitor conduct, policies, and practices of the Philadelphia Police Department and its sworn personnel. The goal of its work is to expand accountability and transparency around the Police Department and its officers, and create better community interactions with law enforcement.

The Commissioners are responsible for leading and supporting the work of the Citizens Police Oversight Commission.

Minimum requirements:

● Resident of Philadelphia

● No two commissioners shall reside in the same section of the city, as determined by Police District

● May not be a current sworn officer of the department within the five years prior to the appointment*

● May not be a current member of a union that represents a municipal or state police department within the five years prior to the appointment*

*Represents anticipated updates to the Philadelphia Code related to the Citizens Police Oversight Commission

Name Description Released Format
Citizen Police Oversight Commission Volunteer Application PDF September 29, 2021