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Action reports & White papers

Reports explaining the strategies the Department of Revenue uses, or that it’s considering, to fulfill its mission.

Name Description Released Format
Sheriff Sales as a Collection Strategy in Philadelphia: Updated FY20 statistics PDF This 2020 report provides updated information about Sheriff Sales, a tool used by the Department of Revenue to motivate delinquent tax and water payments. November 18, 2021
Sheriff Sales as a Collections Strategy in Philadelphia PDF This 2018 report outlines the process and use of Sheriff Sales by the Department of Revenue. December 7, 2018
Delinquent Tax Collection Strategy for FY 2019 PDF This document outlines the Department of Revenue’s strategy for collecting delinquent taxes. March 6, 2019
Sequestration: A Strategy for Recovering Delinquent Tax and Water Bills PDF This report outlines the Department of Revenue’s use of the Sequestration program for collecting delinquent Real Estate Tax and Water bills. February 18, 2020