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Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems

Our team

Meet the leadership and staff of the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems.

Name Job title Phone #
Claire Robin Adler Complete Streets Project Coordinator
Meghan Alvarez Transportation Engagement Coordinator
Bri’Anna Baber Infrastructure Grants Manager
Corey Bell Senior Planner, Special Projects
Jeannette Brugger, AICP Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator
Donald Carlton Director of Operations and Inter-Agency Coordination
Michael Carroll, P.E. Deputy Managing Director
Matt Cassidy Communications Manager
Megan M. Clarkin Director of Infrastructure Services
Jacqueline Davis Executive Assistant
Pete DeCarolis Safe Routes Philly Coordinator
Nate Dorfman Transportation Grants Coordinator
Jacob Elliott, EIT Complete Streets Project Coordinator
Janaye Evans Executive Coordinator of Federal Infrastructure Strategy
Orlando Fuller Fiscal Operations Manager
Neil Garry Transit Program Manager
Marco Gorini Vision Zero Program Manager
Caroline Haeffner Infrastructure Workforce Development Manager
Brenda Hernandez Torres Complete Streets Community Coordinator
Yihong Hu Complete Streets Project Coordinator
Anna Kelly Senior Policy Advisor for Parking & Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
Lydia Kenselaar Complete Streets Project Manager
Daiyon Kipou Neighborhood Infrastructure Improvement Coordinator
Meryl Klein Complete Streets Chief of Staff
Leslie Le Safe Routes Philly Vista
James Lentz, EIT Complete Streets Project Coordinator
Samantha Lopez Infrastructure Planning Coordinator
Kyra Lowie Transportation Grants Coordinator
Waffiyyah Murray Indego Program Manager
Christopher M. Puchalsky, PhD Director of Policy and Strategic Initiatives
Tyler Ray Complete Streets Community Coordinator
Lily Reynolds, AICP Director of Federal Infrastructure Strategy
Stephanie Ridgeway Indego Community Coordinator
Casey C. Ross Complete Streets Project Manager
Teresa Saunders Complete Streets Community Coordinator
Priyanshu Sharma Complete Streets Project Coordinator
Ben She Complete Streets Project Coordinator
Andrew Simpson Complete Streets Project Manager
Adam Smith, PE, PTOE Complete Streets Project Manager
Jackie Weidman Complete Streets Project Coordinator
Beverly Woods Director of Interagency Coordination
Matt Wysong, AICP Roosevelt Boulevard Program Manager
Kelley Yemen, AICP Director of Complete Streets
Christopher Young Vision Zero Design & Project Coordinator
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