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Municipal Energy Office

Procuring energy for City government and leading municipal energy efficiency efforts.

What we do

The Office of Sustainability's Municipal Energy Office promotes municipal energy conservation, efficiency, and emissions reductions. As part of our work, we:

  • Oversee municipal energy procurement and analysis of City utility bills and energy contracts. 
  • Manage energy conservation programs including demand response, load management, and building monitoring. 
  • Assist municipal buildings with achieving compliance to building performance, facility benchmarking, and energy efficiency and environmental design regulations.
  • Lead capital improvement projects, such as energy performance contracting and the Greenworks Sustainability Fund. 
  • Support municipal electrification measures, including electric vehicle infrastructure and the Municipal Clean Fleet Plan.
  • Guide City operations to align with climate and energy goals, including those listed in the Municipal Energy Master Plan.

The Municipal Energy Office prioritizes cost-effective, reliable, clean energy and conventional energy systems for the City government. To improve energy conservation and efficiency, we also provide City departments with education, technical expertise, systems change, and analysis of energy used.

These efforts reduce the City government’s environmental impact. The Municipal Energy Dashboard tracks progress toward climate goals for General Fund (excluding Aviation and Water departments) buildings within the City.


One Parkway Building
1515 Arch St., 18th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102


Name Job title Phone #
Brittany Barnes Procurement Coordinator
Municipal Energy Office
Kalen Fisher Program Coordinator, Energy Infrastructure Performance
Municipal Energy Office
(215) 687-4584
Cheyenne Flores Program Manager, Energy Infrastructure Performance
Municipal Energy Office
(215) 683-1792
Olivia Garcia Program Coordinator, Capital Improvements
Municipal Energy Office
(215) 685-5878
Tammy Lee Program Manager, Capital Improvements
Municipal Energy Office
(215) 683-3565
Avennia Maragh Program Manager, Utilities & Analytics
Municipal Energy Office
(215) 686-4460
Dominic McGraw Deputy Director, Energy Services & Operations
Municipal Energy Office
(215) 683-5715
Madeline Schuh City Energy Manager
Municipal Energy Office
Charlotte Shade Program Manager, Renewable Energy
Municipal Energy Office
(215) 685-5877
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