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Request a research or project collaboration with our team

Our office highly values partnerships with research institutions and we look forward to hearing about your proposal or project. To better assist our office in tracking these requests and determining whether we are able to collaborate/partner/provide support, we have developed criteria and a survey.


  • Requests for letters of support or collaboration cannot be fulfilled unless the inquiry is provided at least 10 business days prior to the deadline.
  • If you are requesting an official letter of support or a letter of collaboration, provide a template with suggested language.
  • Ideally, the official project proposal (even if in draft form) should be submitted with any request for support or collaboration.
  • If you would like to co-produce your research with our office, that process must start well in advance of any proposal deadline with enough time to allow for the creation of research questions, experiment design, etc.


Before we agree to support or collaborate on your project, we need specific information about the project to help us assess whether it aligns with our research needs and whether we have the capacity to be involved. For example, it is useful to understand the specific request and commitments being asked of our office (e.g., attending two one-hour project advisory meetings over the next year).

Fill out this survey to provide additional information. If you have any additional questions, reach out to