City of Philadelphia: Functions
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City of Philadelphia


Cash Management Goals of the City Treasury

  • Preserve Principal
  • Maintain Liquidity
  • Maximize Return consistent with goals 1 and 2

Management of Custodian Banking for City Treasury

The four major groups are:
  • City Primary Group of Operating, Capital, and related accounts.
  • City Departmental & Agency Administrated Petty Cash & Imprest Funds.
  • City Segregated Custodial Accounts held by various City Departments & Agencies.
  • Custodial Advisor of County & other City Governmental related interests.

Management of the City's Debt

The Office of the City Treasurer directly oversees the issuance of the City's General Obligation bonds and notes, as well as debt for the Water Department, Gas Works, and Division of Avation. The Treasurer's primary functions in this role are to:
  • Maximize City's value from new transcations
  • Manage and refinance outstanding portfolio to decrease ongoing debt service costs
  • Attract and retain investors for the City's bonds
  • Improve and maintain the City's credit ratings

Payments Out of the City Treasury

The Office of the City Controller authorizes the issue of checks for payment of expenditures approved by the Director of Finance. The City Treasurer prints and distributes the checks or initiates electronic transfers.

Payments to:
  • Vendors
  • General Disbursement of the City
  • Debt Service-Special General Disbursements of the City
  • Payroll -City Employees
  • Pension-City Pension Funded Checks
  • Foster Parents-Dept Human Services Administered Program
  • Elections-City Commissioners Election Poll Pay & Rents