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City of Philadelphia

Authorized Depositories

Philadelphia Code Compliance

The Philadelphia Code is the comprehensive revision, codification, and compilation of all the general legislative approved ordinances of the City.

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 6-300 of the Charter, the City Treasurer is authorized to deposit City funds in the banks or institutions as authorized in Chapter 19-201 of the Philadelphia Code.

Annual Authorized Depository Lending Practices Study

The City of Philadelphia is committed to ensuring that the institutions selected to be authorized depositories of City funds provide credit in a fair and unbiased manner to the citizens of Philadelphia. The economic viability and competitiveness that City depositories can invoke are vital to strengthening, and providing opportunities within, all areas of the city. In addition, the broad based lending practices of all financial institutions conducting business in Philadelphia has the potential for positive impacts on stabilizing and growing the city's tax base, adding to the quality of life of its' citizens and supporting the Philadelphia region's viability and competitiveness.

The City adopted legislation that requires the Office of the City Treasurer to commission an annual report to examine lending practices of authorized City depositories for the City of Philadelphia. The Report includes a comprehensive analysis of home lending, small business lending, and branching patterns as well as measurement of the community reinvestment and fair lending performance of banks authorized to receive City deposits under Chapter 19-201 of the Philadelphia Code.