The Innovation team developed in 2013 as the first in Philadelphia, and one of the first nationally, with a focus on innovation as a process. The team’s initial goal was to build capacity for innovation within Philadelphia’s government through opportunities for employees to learn and practice creative thinking and human-centered design. 

On Thursday, July 11th from 2-4pm the Innovation team is excited to host the Innovation Showcase. This will be an opportunity for City employee to network with one another and learn more about the Innovation program available to employees and departments.  

Our programs include: 

  • The Academy for Municipal Innovation (AMI):  a partnership with Thomas Jefferson University that trains employees in the principles of innovation 
  • The Innovation Fund: a partnership with the Philadelphia City Fund that provides a framework and funding for City departments to apply innovative principles and pilot new concepts 
  • In-house Innovation Consulting: intentional, facilitated opportunities for continued ideation and collaboration on solving some of our most challenging problems 

Since 2014 we’ve given out 27 grants to city workers, trained nearly 200 workers through the AMI, and reached 1,500 more through 110 departmental workshops. We are committed to challenging City workers to think and collaborate differently, implement these lessons into their work, and, ultimately, spread the spirit of innovation throughout city government. 

We are also looking forward to announcing a new initiative at the Innovation Showcase, one that will tie into the programming that exists and continue to support City employee’s creative ideas, fund pilot projects, and further expand and embed innovative practices into service delivery.