PHILADELPHIA — Yesterday evening, City officials honored nearly 50 adult learners for earning the Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma (CSSD), a high school equivalency certification. The ceremony was held at the Bonnell Auditorium on the Community College of Philadelphia campus.

“This evening, we celebrate the incredible graduates who have overcome obstacles and worked tirelessly to earn their Commonwealth Secondary School Diplomas and reach such an important milestone,” said Mayor Cherelle L. Parker. “I am proud of each of you and see your commitment to education as not only an inspiration but a shining example for others in our community.”

“Your success is a testament to your resilience and determination. You have shown that pursuing your dreams and improving your future is never too late,” said Dr. Debora Carrera, Chief Education Officer, Mayor’s Office of Education. “Education is a lifelong journey, and today marks a significant milestone in yours. I urge you to continue learning and growing, as it is the key to unlocking endless opportunities and fulfilling your dreams.”

Organizations with graduates taking part in the ceremony were Northeast Learning Center, Beyond Literacy, Education Data Systems Inc (EDSI), and Temple Lenfest Center for Community Workforce Partnerships.

Janelle Brown, the adult learner who presented this year’s commencement address from the Northeast Learning Center provided her insight into how the city’s Adult Ed program supported her.

“The insight and dedication I received during my time at Northeast Learning Center did not only equip me with valuable skills and knowledge, but inspired me to reach for greatness,” said Janelle Brown. “Such encouragement had a positive impact on my life and made me realize that my education does not just stop here. It extends far beyond textbooks and classrooms. I am proud to be able to continue my journey as a Cardiology EKG Technician.”

The event concluded with a reception to honor the graduates, their families, and the educators and organizations who helped contribute to their success.