Philadelphia’s natural lands include our forests, waterways, and meadows. The City of Philadelphia has almost 6,000 acres of natural lands spread throughout our parks. These areas make up 60% of our City’s 10,200 acres of parkland. Parks & Rec works to keep our  natural lands, playgrounds, and recreation centers clean, green, and more sustainable.  

 One way Parks & Rec does this is through our Sustainable Land and Facilities Care Training program, led by Parks & Rec’s Sustainability team.  It is a workforce development program for ground maintenance and caretaker staff.  

Staff members learn how to care for our natural spaces at recreation centers and parks. This program teaches best practices for program and facility maintenance. Staff also learn how to use tools and equipment properly.  

Some sessions include:

  • Ballfield maintenance 
  • Plant ID and invasive species 
  • Waste reduction and diversion 
  • AED & CPR 
  • Equipment operation 
  • Tree care basics
  • Green stormwater infrastructure 

In 2023, our Sustainable Land Care Training program:  

  • Trained over 140 employees in landscape management and safety practices.  
  • Helped staff with practical skills that enhance the sustainability of our spaces. 

Our sustainability team also works with our: