Do you know an elderly neighbor who hasn’t heard about or signed up for the Senior Tax Freeze program? Are there any new homeowners on your block who may not be aware of the Homestead Exemption? We’re bringing these and other City-offered relief programs to your neighborhood! Spread the word! You’ll be doing your neighbors—and us—a big favor.

Nearly every night of the week, Revenue staff attend outreach events across the city to assist taxpayers with understanding and meeting their tax obligations. We also ensure they are aware of and can access programs designed to help them stay in their homes and put money back into their pockets. We’re sharing additional details below!

We can help your neighbors save money

The Department of Revenue administers several property tax relief programs that save Philly homeowners millions of dollars each year. For example, the Low-income Senior Citizen Tax Freeze prevents property tax bills from increasing. The Homestead Exemption reduces your property tax bill. You only need to apply once to enjoy these benefits. But many neighbors are still not taking advantage of these programs.

In fact, most residents do not know about City programs that can lower their water bills or property taxes. Because of this, we have a team of people visiting neighborhoods throughout the city. Whether it is a stakeholder training or tabling event, a neighborhood pop-up workshop, or a webinar, we are always on hand to inform and connect Philly’s most vulnerable households to assistance programs they may qualify for.

We specifically aim to:

  • Ensure tax information and services are readily available in multiple languages and formats to meet the diverse needs of the city’s residents. We provide live interpretation in nearly 200 languages.
  • Encourage voluntary compliance by providing clear information, education, and assistance.
  • Develop positive relationships with taxpayers, stakeholders, community leaders, and elected officials.
  • Ensure equitable access to tax information and resources by partnering with community organizations to reach underserved populations.

We can tailor your event

It could be a seniors’ fair designed to reach and enroll more elderly homeowners in the Senior Tax Freeze program or a neighborhood event focused on reaching and enrolling more low-income families in relief programs available to them. Our staff can assist homeowners through a program application and enrollment process.

Find us in your neighborhood

We visit nearly every corner of the city throughout the year. Keep an eye out for a Revenue event in your community this summer! In June:

  • Keep a lookout for us at block parties and community meetings
  • Find us, along with hundreds of vendors, at Malcolm X Memorial Park for the Juneteenth celebration.

We will be on hand to answer your questions and enroll you in relief programs on the spot. Don’t miss out!