Understanding how crucial it is to make sure the residents of Kensington are heard, especially about the Kensington Initiative Plan, the Citizens Police Oversight Commission (CPOC) didn’t just see the importance of their voices, we also did something about it. CPOC organized a Community Townhall on Tuesday, April 30 at the Esperanza Health Center. The event provided a space for residents to express their concerns, fears, and hopes for the future. Due to the delicate dynamics between law enforcement and the community, CPOC decided the initial event would be law enforcement-free.

Event details

This free event included:

  • Local food
  • Two raffles
  • Presentations from subject matter experts.
  • Resource tables provided by local human service providers.
  • Open-mic discussion component where community members and providers engaged in an organic conversation about the proposed changes.
  • Spanish and Mandarin interpretation services were available on site. A survey on Language Access was also available for non-English speaking attendees.

Our team compiled strong messages and the takeaways from the open-mic discussion and the evening in a full Let’s Talk About Kensington Report. Highlights of some of the needs and concerns raised by the community was a need for timely police response, homeowner accountability and a cohesive justice system.

On the road to making our community better, CPOC will always try to help people feel empowered and speak up for them. The agency does this by encouraging talking, being open about what’s going on, and supporting the people who live in Kensington. CPOC promises to keep working towards a future where everyone is treated fairly and equally.