The pandemic may be less disruptive in 2024, but many residents are still feeling financial stress. As a result, we continue to help individuals and families access financial relief at the local, state, or federal levels. For example, thousands of eligible Philadelphians received over $13 million in water bill help through the Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP).

LIHWAP, a state-funded program, was temporary; it stopped accepting applications in October 2022. But you can still get help paying your water bills through another state program, the Pennsylvania Homeowner Assistance Fund (PAHAF).

What is PAHAF?

PAHAF is a statewide, federally funded program. It helps homeowners pay off their overdue utility, home loan, and property tax debts. Philadelphians who find it difficult to keep up with their utility (including water) bills should apply as quickly as possible to receive a lumpsum payment of up to $10,000 to erase their utility debts and up to $50,000 toward their mortgage and $14,000 for property tax debts. Visit to find out if you qualify.

Please be aware that PAHAF is a limited assistance program. It resumed accepting applications in March 2024 and will continue until federal funding for the program runs out.

The best part? Any money you receive through PAHAF is a grant; you don’t have to pay it back. Keep in mind that the City of Philadelphia doesn’t take applications for this program. Eligible Philadelphia homeowners should apply for help through the PAHAF website. You can also apply for PAHAF by phone by calling (888) 987-2423.

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