The Law Department is proud to announce that City Council has voted unanimously in favor of confirming Mayor Cherelle Parker’s appointment of Renee Garcia to the role of City Solicitor. 

On March 11, Renee testified before the members of City Council to emphasize the Law Department’s commitment to serving the people of Philadelphia through its representation of the City’s Administration and legislative arm. 

“Whether it’s removing a child or an adult from a dangerous situation, filing an emergency petition to demolish a hazardous building, defending a City employee who did their job according to law, or keeping our residents’ personal data protected – the Law Department keeps our City safe,” said Renee Garcia during her confirmation hearing before City Council. 

I have had the privilege of representing both City Council and the Administration in my role as Chair of Litigation and now as … City Solicitor. As City Solicitor, I will remain steadfast in my commitment to upholding attorney-client privilege while providing high-quality representation to all of our clients in the interest of the City.”

Under the leadership of Solicitor Renee Garcia, we look forward to continuing to provide high quality legal counsel to all of our City clients while uplifting Mayor Parker’s vision for a safer, cleaner, greener Philadelphia with economic opportunity for all. 

Download Renee’s headshot.