March is Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day is March 8, 2024. To celebrate, Parks & Rec is sharing our Women’s History Month story map. The map profiles Parks & Rec sites named in honor of women.

The City recognized these notable women for different reasons. Some were famous for their important contributions to the city or country. Others were unsung volunteers who worked to improve nearby parks and playgrounds.

Through their vision, hard work, courage, and determination, these upstanding citizens:

  • Broke barriers of gender and color.
  • Fought for better conditions in their communities.
  • Donated time—or land—to create play spaces and safe havens for others.
  • Made a difference that benefits city residents today.
Parks & Rec’s Women’s History Month story map includes images and information about the women who championed parks and rec sites.


This interactive, map-based tool provides more details about the notable women who helped shape our communities.