Did you know one in eight kids experience food insecurity? For more than 65 years, Parks & Rec has helped fix that problem when schools are closed. Our Playstreets program provides kids with free meals and a safe place to play during the summer. This year the program runs from June 17, 2024 to August 23, 2024. 

About the Program   

  • Playstreets take place in every neighborhood in the city from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
  • The program is open to all children 18 years and younger.
  • Playstreets’ supervisors open and close the streets to traffic each day.
  • The Summer Food Service Program provides daily lunches and snacks for kids.
  • The program is free. Registration is not required.
  • The program provides kids with play kits: hula hoops, balls, ropes, and chalk. 

Playstreets would not be possible without long-time volunteers like Miss Arlene. She is one of Parks & Rec’s playstreets supervisors.  

Arlene said the kids love the program because they get food and toys to play with. It brings her joy to see the kids ride their bikes, play with a hula hoop or ball, and draw pictures with chalk.    

“The look on their faces is priceless.” she said. “Whenever the kids see me, they smile, wave and say, ‘Hi, Miss Arlene.’”  

The city is currently looking for volunteers to help run the program.  

Process and eligibility  

To be eligible to be a playstreet, your block must:  

  • Be a small, one-way street. Numbered streets are not eligible unless it is a dead end.  
  • Have a block resident volunteer to be a Playstreet supervisor.  
  • Serve free meals to children 18 and under.  
  • Have 75 percent of residents on the block sign the petition agreeing to a playstreet.  
  • Not be within two blocks of another approved playstreet, playground, or recreation center.