Do you work with programs connecting kids with the next step to their future? We want to hear from you! A new Request for Proposal (RFP) is now open and ready for you to apply!

The City of Philadelphia’s Office of Children and Families, in partnership with Philadelphia Works Inc. (PhilaWorks) and The School District of Philadelphia, is currently seeking qualified applicants with demonstrated capacity in fiscal and contract management to support youth-serving workforce development programs.

The chosen applicant to this RFP will serve as PhilaWorks’, the City’s, and the District’s fiscal and contracting intermediary for Career Connected Learning (“CCL”) programs.

The Intermediary will serve four significant functions for each of PhilaWorks, the City, and the District:

  1. Procure, manage, and monitor subcontracts with youth service providers who offer CCL programs.
  2. Support program operations and implementation in alignment with the CCL program model for at least 8000 work-based learning opportunities.
  3. Provide orientation, training, and support for providers to ensure compliance with programmatic and fiscal requirements.
  4. Collaborate with system stakeholders to engage employers and advance the goals of the overall CCL system.

To ensure Philadelphia Works maintains an open competition process, all inquiries regarding this RFP must be submitted via email to with the subject line “Intermediary Proposal.” The full Request can be found attached to this blog.

Proposals are due by 5:00 PM on Thursday, December 21, 2023.