PHILADELPHIA – The City of Philadelphia’s Office of Innovation and Technology (OIT) today released a Strategic Plan. This document is designed to maintain the momentum and focus of OIT over the next several months, throughout the mayoral transition, and beyond. The Plan identifies a carefully chosen set of strategies to ensure key operational objectives continue and OIT continues to facilitate critical improvements in its fundamental operations. 

The Office of Innovation and Technology (OIT) oversees most major technology projects for the City of Philadelphia, ensures continuity of the City’s technology operations on a 24/7 basis, and finds new ways to help the public interact meaningfully with technology. OIT uses technology to help City employees do their work better and help residents get what they need from municipal government. OIT is led by the City’s Chief Information Officer and provides many municipal services. 

“This Strategic Plan is a roadmap to ensure organizational stability while also making improvements in key areas of operations,” said Sandra Carter, Interim Chief Information Officer. “The Plan can also contribute to shaping the foundation of the new Mayor’s technology agenda, including her commitment to digital equity and closing the digital divide.” 

The Strategic Plan outlines five pillars for the department over the next 18 months. These pillars include Security and Data Protection, Digital Equity and Resident Services, Modernization and Efficiency, Foundational Infrastructure and Processes, and Technology Community Partnerships and Communication. The strategic plan document supports each pillar with strategies and action items classified into two potential time frames – near term and longer term. 

“The Office of Innovation and Technology has made great strides in modernizing processes and improving efficiency across City departments,” said Stephanie Tipton, Chief Administrative Officer. “This roadmap outlines how OIT can continue to improve the lives of residents. Strategies focused on enhancing security and data protection of our IT systems, improving recruitment and retention to drive organizational performance, strengthening foundational infrastructure, and building trust can benefit all municipal operations. Externally, building on OIT’s digital equity and resident services work promises to impact Philadelphians by increasing access to the internet and augmenting public-facing digital services.” 

The Strategic Plan will guide the work being done by OIT over the next year and a half and can be found in its entirety on